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OnSeason Coach's Spotlight: Jake Davis

OnSeason Coach's Spotlight: Jake Davis

OnSeason Coach's Spotlight: Jake Davis

Post in: Education / Sports / Family & Home / - by - Mar 21, 2016

Coach Jake Davis is the kind of coach that movies are made about. The tough uncompromising father figure that makes all of his players better on the field and off of it. Coaching at perennial athletic powerhouse Celina High School in Celina, TX, Coach Davis brings his motto of work ethic, personal accountability, and family to the young men and women under his care. "Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident; sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it's a choice." Coach Davis has been coaching for 13 years all throughout North Texas, including Grandview, Sanger, and Celina where he has been for the past 7 years as Head Baseball Coach and Defensive End Coach. Coach Davis has been a part of multiple staffs that have been awarded District Coaching Staff of the Year in both Football and Baseball. Coach Davis was awarded the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association 3A Assistant Coach of the Year Award and has coached in 2 State Championship games. The Davis family is a cornerstone in Celina as his wife Shandee also teaches in Celina ISD and both of his sons attend Celina Elementary.

OnSeason: Where are you coaching and how long have you been coaching?
Coach Davis: I am in my 7th year coaching at Celina High School in Celina, Texas. I am the Head Baseball Coach and an Assistant Football Coach, where I coach Defensive Ends. This is my 13th year overall in the Coaching/Teaching profession.

OnSeason: Who’s your favorite athlete of all time?
Coach Davis: I have many favorite athletes that play various sports. The athletes that I most look up to are the ones that show a great work ethic as well as great character. In baseball terminology, the guys that are “Dirtbags.” These are the players that put Team first and aren’t afraid to lead not only by word but also by example…the Hustlers, the guys who go all out, those are my favorite

OnSeason: Who is your favorite coach of all time and why?
Coach Davis: I have been very fortunate to have coached for and with my favorite coach of all time, Butch Ford. He was the coach that hired me at Celina and he is a legend in the Texas High School Football World. Coach Ford was not a micro-manager as a head coach, he let me coach my position and expected me to get the job done. I was fortunate enough to be able to coach his son and his grandson during my time under Coach Ford. The reason that Coach Ford is my favorite however does not involve the X’s and O’s of coaching, Coach Ford genuinely cared for his staff and players. He had a way of making you believe that every word you told him was important. His words to me when he hired me went something like this “Now Jake, I know you are new to our system but don’t worry about that! We will teach you the X’s and O’s later, all you gotta remember to do between now and then is to Love Them…Love these kids like they were your own and you will fit in here fine!” I have never forgotten these words and I strive every day to follow them

OnSeason: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about coaching?
Coach Davis: the interaction that I get with 7th graders all the way up to seniors. Getting to know the players, what works for them and what doesn’t. Being able to develop a relationship that I know will grow from a player-coach relationship into a friend relationship after they graduate. There is nothing more gratifying to a coach than to get a call, email or text from a former player that has gone on to college, started a family or just wants to shoot the breeze.

OnSeason: What are your greatest accomplishments in coaching?
Coach Davis: It would be easy for me to sit here and tell you that certain wins over rivals or certain seasons with deep playoff runs or seasons where I was honored with some type of award are my greatest accomplishments but I would be lying. My greatest accomplishments happen every year, seeing a player learn a skill or concept that he hasn't grasped, a player coming back from an injury to contribute to the team, a player graduating when no one thought he could…Those are my greatest accomplishments!

OnSeason: Which is most important? Scoring or Defending and why?
Coach Davis: Both are equally as important. As a coach, I have to make sure that we are sound offensively as well as defensively.

OnSeason: What advice would you give to student athletes if you could impart
one thing from your experience?

Coach Davis: Have no regrets! Do everything you can on a daily basis to help your team get to that Championship because you will never get that day back. Don’t do anything that later in life you will look back on and say, “Man, I wish I had done this or done that.”


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